POAP Delivery

POAP Delivery
Get your POAP to remember that historic event you've been part of.

The airdrop based on Merkle trees allow us to honor the participants of those events with special POAPs. Check out the events below and claim yours!

Inverse Finance Anchor Pioneer
For all the PIONEERS who helped kickstart Inverse Finance's ANCHOR protocol.

This badge certifies that you have interacted with the MoonCatRescue or Wrapped MoonCatRescue smart contract and participated in the first MoonCatRescue community vote.

r/ethtrader 1 Million Members

A community-created badge celebrating the 1 million member milestone for r/ethtrader, awarded to users that had previously registered their address for the subreddit’s community token $DONUT

Inverse Finance Original DAO 409

This badge certifies that you were among the original group of 409 INVaders that helped establish the Inverse Finance DAO. Sure, you filled out a google form, but you also actively contributed to the greatness of Inverse Finance!

Beacon Chain First 32,769 Block Validators

The Beacon Chain First 32,769 POAP is awarded to each unique address that was in the first 32,769 block proposals on the Ethereum 2 Beacon Chain that launched December 1, 2020.

Beacon Chain First 1024 Depositors and Proposers

The Beacon Chain First 1024 POAP is awarded to each unique address that was in the first 1024 beacon chain deposits and the first 1024 block proposals on the Ethereum 2 Beacon Chain that launched December 1, 2020.

AAVE V2 Pioneers

This limited NFT rewards the 100 first pioneers of Aave V2 protocol.

Beacon Chain Genesis Depositor

The Beacon Chain Genesis Depositor POAP is awarded to each unique address that submitted a 32 Ether deposit in the beacon chain genesis contract before November 24, 2020.

KEEP Network Mainnet Stakers

This is a POAP created for the first 112 mainnet ECDSA node runners on the KEEP Network.

False Start Lumberjackers

This POAP is to commemorate the valiant lumberjacks who deposited assets into the contracts and harvested the first $TREE token.

A New Face For yCover

yCover NFT had no face. That's why we launched a contest to find the the best artpiece to be the face of the NFT.

What's better than holding a piece of art as insurance?

I Played 4 YFI

This badge certifies that you were among the original elite that helped launch the yearn.finance protocol

You played, not paid, for your share of the OG 30,000 YFI.

Coin Gecko Yield Farming

You've worked hard to collect candies (and of course yields across the DeFi-fields!). Here's a limited edition NFT CoinGecko is releasing together with POAP to commemorate you and your involvement in many of the yield farming projects in the space!

Half Rekt

You yoloed hard and somehow you only got #HalfRekt. Get this POAP to have an eternal reminder that you only live once

Medalla Validator

To celebrate the launch of the Eth2.0 multiclient testnet Medalla, and to encourage as much community engagement as possible, we have teamed up with our friends at beaconcha.in and r/ethstaker to create and distribute badges for validators

YFI - Proof of Gucci Design Competition

Right after the Proof of Gucci proposal had passed, a design competition was set up to come up with an exclusive POAP design to celebrate the positive outcome.

YFI token holders who voted for their favorite design are entitled to receive this POAP

YFI - Proof of Gucci

Andre Cronje’s feet deserve only the finest most luxurious handcrafted Italian fashion so the community came up with a great proposal. Everyone who participated in the voting are now owners of a POAP NFT representing their participation in this once in a lifetime event. Will these Guccis be worn at the YFI Tokyo party?

Muir Glacier

The Ethereum network went through a scheduled upgrade at block number 9,200,000, on Friday, January 3, 2020

A big thanks to the Ethereum community and to all Ethereum developers across all clients and platforms who came together to provide input, thoughts, and contribution.

Yam Heroes

YAM, an experiment in fair farming, governance and elasticity, took Ethereum by storm and lived thrilling first 24 hours

Crazy game theoretical dynamics created the cohort of $YAM Heroes, that are now awarded this rare POAP to hold with pride

Medalla Resuscitators

An unexpected bug on the Medalla testnet kept the network at peril. Once again the community participation was required to sort this issue and finalize the network once again.

Anyone who attested from the 75,000th to the 115,000th block is qualified to claim this POAP.

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We love celebrating the community and these fantastic events. If you know about any other similar event, please let us know!

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